About Us

Our Brand

Step into the enchanting realm of Srinivaspura Mangoes, where authenticity dances with nature's bounty. More than a brand, we are keepers of Srinivaspur's mango mystique. Rooted in tradition and nurtured through generations, our brand commits to delivering the crème de la crème of farm-fresh mangoes. Each mango, from our sun-soaked orchards to your table, embodies the essence of our heritage and a promise for an unrivaled mango experience.

At Srinivaspura Mangoes, our brand is a canvas painted with strokes of passion for quality, bursts of flavor, and shades of sustainability. Unveiling the online chapter of our journey in 2024, we've made the richness of Srinivaspur's mangoes just a click away. Embracing the digital breeze, we cultivate not just mangoes but a harmonious connection between our land and your palate. Join us in a digital odyssey where each mango shares a tale – a tale of tradition, taste, and the everlasting allure of Srinivaspur's mango heritage.

Our Backstory

Our founders, Santhosh and Rakshitha, are ardent mango lovers. They, just like you, found the mango market widely lacking in good mangoes rich in texture, flavours and colours.

So, taking the matter into their own hands, they started Srinivaspura Mangoes in 2022 after scouring various farms. In the beginning, mangoes were sold by taking orders on WhatsApp and Facebook. Seeing the overwhelming response of the community, started the website.

Our loyal customers vouch for our quality and have been repeat customers ever since their first order. Srinivaspura Mangoes welcomes you to experience a sensory treat by ordering delicious mangoes from our website.

Our Motto

Our mangoes are sourced from organic farms helping farmers gain a good value for their produce. At the same time, by employing an in-house team, Srinivaspura Mangoes eliminates the possibility of tampering with quality.

So, all you need to do is savour a delicious variety of mangoes that are chemical-free and rich in flavour, texture, colours and is overall a sensory treat.