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Why Choose Us

Indulge in a symphony of sweetness with Srinivaspura Mangoes - where each bite is a burst of authentic flavor. Our commitment to quality, handpicked varieties, and a rich heritage make us your irresistible choice for the finest mango experience.

100% Chemical Free

We Provide Pure organic mangoes.

Family Healthy

We are happily serve natural and sweet mangoes to your family.

Quality Assurance

Unrivaled sweetness and freshness in every bite.

Sweet. Nutritionally Rich

There is no love more sincere than the love of food. We understand this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Mangoes have a unique flavor and taste as it is purely 100% natural. No carbide, No chemicals, it’s free from all such easy marketing techniques. It can be defined only if you taste it once.

Simply, click on contact us button then fill the form or else you can directly chat with us on whatsapp +91 919972696628.

After placing the order, you will get your total billing amount then you can pay by online payment using your credit card or debit card or net banking or UPI.

Once the payment authorization is received for your order, you will receive an email with the details and order ID. When we ship the item, the manifest will be mailed to you, which contains all the required information about your delivery.

You can place order minimum quantity in 3 kgs for all mango varieties.

Next day delivery for orders.

We charge baesd on the location and quantity of mangoes within Bengaluru.

You are aware that fruits such as mangoes are a perishable item, so we do not offer any return policy. And we do not entertain cancellations.

Just take a picture and mail us immediately with your order details. So that we arrange free replacements for bad or damaged mangoes in your next order.

When the raw mangoes are harvested from the tree, they are laid on specially prepared haystacks, where they mature the natural way. Eventually, as the fruit matures, the color of the mangoes turns from green to golden yellow and starts to impart a sweet aroma. The mangoes will be ready when they feel SOFT as you gently press it, when they smell sweet at the top and when they have wrinkles on the skin. It is NOT necessary that mangoes will turn completely yellow the way they show it on TV, they might be semi green as well, as they are naturally ripened.

The stage of ripened mangoes is determined by the time taken to transfer to the destination of delivery. All mangoes are then thoroughly examined for any skin flaws. This examination is done prior to the mangoes being wrapped in a paper and are then placed in their subsequent compartments in such a way that the fruit are not in contact with each other. The exterior of the carton is made of strong 5 ply E-Flute. For further and enhanced protection of mangoes, sheets are placed above and below the mangoes. Ultimately, each carton is then properly strapped and sealed making long-distance travel worthwhile. We generally send RAW mangoes, so that they are semi-ripe by the time it reaches its destination.

Mangoes do require some special care at home. Here are some tips :

  • Do not refrigerate the mangoes. Keep them in the grass box at room temperature.
  • Do not cut the mangoes the moment you receive them. Cut them only If, it turns yellowish with a very pleasant sweet smell.
  • You can put mangoes in a fridge to increase the shelf life period, once it is ripened and ready to eat.
  • Whenever you receive the mangoes, take it out from the box and put it on a free air for some time and repack them like green on the bottom and yellow above in order to serve the right one.

It is a simple natural phenomenon that under warmer conditions mangoes ripens faster and less warmth relatively slows down the ripening process. However, exposing mangoes to extreme heat or cold will affect ripening process and/or spoil the mangoes. To expedite ripening, you can wrap mangoes in paper and place them in a box surrounded by hay or cut papers. Keeping the mangoes in the room temperature will relatively slow down the ripening process

Refrigerate mangoes only when they are fully ripe. Refrigerating before it ripens will halt the ripening process and may not recover to ripening though kept at room temperature after refrigeration.

Selective Farm Harvesting,

ensures you get the best taste of the season.

Across Bengaluru

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Srinivaspura Mangoes

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Healthy Summer with Farm Fresh Mangoes

Farm Fresh Mangoes

at your doorstep, in Bengaluru

We deliver you the most juciest and tastiest mangoes of the season to your doorstep across Bengaluru.

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